Protractor is an end-to-end automation testing tool to manage AngularJS and Angular applications. It runs different tests against the application that runs in a real browser with real-time user interaction. One of the features of Protractor is that it would execute the upcoming step automatically in the test when the webpage is done with pending tasks.

But there’s one more DevOps pipeline tool that you’ll need for build automation. These tools help you automate the process of building, testing, and deploying code. They’ll spend less time dealing with tools and processes — and more time delivering value. Automation speeds up the software testing process, which results in faster time to market.

Online Browser Testing

Get the best out of a user-friendly interface to manage codeless test automation while validating the web application’s UI element. Conduct cross-browser testing from macOS, Windows, and Linux in case of web automation and iOS and Android in case of mobile automation testing. The xUnit family of frameworks use assertions that are very similar to each other and help you perform Selenium automation testing with PHPUnit. In addition, Waitr includes a number of features for making testing easier, such as a functional testing framework that allows you to use RSpec-like syntax when creating tests. Easily integrate the BDD framework into the existing processes and tools.

Development Automation tools

Puppeteer is nothing but a Node library offering high-level API in case you want to control Chromium or headless Chrome with the DevTools Protocol. When performing Puppeteer testing, every programmer can easily interact with any web browser using methods Development Automation such as .type() or .goto(). Integrate with 200+ tools that deal with project management and so on. Even though Selenium uses several plug-ins and tools to support test automation, manual configuration is a step you cannot skip while using them.

Appium, an open-source test automation tool, is commonly used to test native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. It would drive Android, iOS, and Windows apps that use the WebDriver protocol. Selenium lacks built-in tools to support project/test management tasks. This leads to a communication gap between the developers and testers.

It is considered the industry standard for user interface automation testing of Web applications. Specifically, 54% percent of respondents used Selenium as their automation testing tool, according to the Test Automation Landscape in 2020 Report. Since DevSecOps is less time-intensive to deal with, easy to fix, and considerably cheap to implement, its importance has been growing steadily.


They can also be used to test software development projects that require a lot of data. We efficiently conduct automation tests through pre-built test automation codes, workflows, business accelerators, and automation tools. Our testers use platforms that help them customize the testing process to be applicable to all web and mobile systems.

Test your websites, web-apps or mobile apps seamlessly with LambdaTest. Reduce security risks such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. Kickstart unit testing most efficiently, ensuring that every module functions the way it should. Easily conduct code refactoring or upgradation of the framework libraries. Test runners can easily interact with NUnit Engine when they want to run tests smoothly. All you need to do is learn Gherkin to write your automation test.

Development Automation tools

This end-to-end automation testing tool focuses on making testing quite collaborative and simple. With codeless test scripts, you can conduct end-to-end mobile, web, and API tests with a multitude of features such as visual UI testing, data-driven testing, and 2FA testing. Testsigma alternatives abound, but still, it has found its ground in codeless automation testing. Organizations will often leverage containerization platforms and registries such as GitHub Packages to build standardized, pre-production environments for development teams. Ideally, these platforms should integrate into the source control solution so that when a team member commits new code, it triggers the automated provisioning of a pre-production environment.

What Software Development Services Can We Automate?

These tools will also make it simple to find, triage, and prioritize fixes for any problems in your codebase. Look for tools that enable you to model and analyze user behaviors. You also might consider social listening tools, which you can use to track historical patterns on social media and review sites. To build a successful DevOps toolchain, you’ll want to incorporate tools that surface incidents and changes on your core DevOps platform and shared repositories.

Development Automation tools

Anyone can quickly update tests in the visual editor without having to involve an engineer or write any code. Let’s say you want to test whether your “Try for Free” button is working after you’ve made some other changes to your web application. In Rainforest, you’d create a test that includes a step to click on the “Try for Free” button.

We use comprehensive automated regression tests that can cover any version of the program, whether it is a public or initial release. Test automation reduces cost and time and makes it easy to re-run tests multiple times. Retesting is easy with this tool, as there is a central treasury in which automation files can be saved and reused. This tool builds on top of the Selenium and Appium framework and uses Groovy as its mark-up language, in addition to supporting external languages such as Java.

In November 2020, Microfocus released the latest version of UFT (v15.0.2). The update offers new features and enhancements that streamline the testing processes, improve testing efficiencies, and sustain quality while reducing testing time. Written in JavaScript and built on top of WebDriver and Node.js, Cypress tests run in any modern browser. Even though Selenium acts as a prima facie option for automation testing, we need to be open to other frameworks and tools that can make our lives easier.


Software development life cycle , is a term that describes the structured approach teams use to create software. Waterfall and Agile are the most common SDLCs, but there are other models such as Big Bang and Spiral. We have years of experience in software development and found the best automation for our clients. Our focus is on automation of development and maintaining high-quality software. WorkSoft is more than just a tool, as it is a comprehensive and robust platform for automating software testing for many well-known programs and applications.

The Software development Life cycle is used by teams to manage and control the various steps required to create the final product and smoothen out all project activities. This article will discuss this concept, as well as the benefits and important stages of the product’s life cycle. While testing for the whole software is performed, Unit testing is for all platforms and the mainframe. It allows you to break down applications into smaller pieces so that QA can test the problem and identify it. We simplify complex business processes by integrating both open-source and paid automation tools. An advanced testing platform that helps you execute software tests without writing any code.

If done right, these tools can help continuously identify potential issues across the SDLC. It has been created especially for behavior-driven development purposes. It’s a common-purpose Ruby testing library in production applications. Though it consists of a high-end DSL (domain-specific language), you can start hassle-free with this tool.

Development Automation tools

It is a headless functional testing tool specifically designed for API testing. Attacks, ransomware, malware, and other threats are more prominent than ever. With the growth in attacks, security in applications has never been so important.

Real Time Web Testing

In large part, DevOps seeks to bring previously siloed teams together across all stages of the SDLC—and that starts at the planning stage. Telerik Test StudioDeveloped as a Windows-based software testing tool, Telerik Test Studio is widely known for web and desktop functional testing, software performance testing, and mobile application testing. This solution allows both code-based capabilities and a codeless approach, ensuring optimal app quality with the most outstanding results. Katalon Studio’s latest release — Studio 8.3.0 — on April 2022 introduces a handful of user-oriented new features. Studio 8.3.0 integrates with TestCloud, allowing you to test with various popular browsers and operating systems on the cloud.

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If a test fails, it’s much harder to know when, why, or how it failed, and you end up having to spend a lot of time figuring out exactly what caused the failure. So debugging and prioritizing test failures can take a lot of time. Automating many DevOps tasks can help you to save time and money, automate repetitive tasks, and resolve deployment problems.

Certify also adds support for Postman, as well as improvements to 12 Jenkins with an official plug-in in the Jenkins store. Please note that SoapUI and Postman are two representatives of several top API testing tools in this list only. To learn more about the comparison between these tools, please refer to this post. A complete feature set for test automation of API/Web services, Web, and mobile applications.

This test is not feasible for everyone as it is difficult to know if the network-wide rollout will be successful. DevOps teams have created a new test called Pre-Production rollout. If your developers use automation correctly, you will reap many benefits and improve the efficiency of your software. Automated Software Development will connect your main processes with a secondary process to efficiently converge different types of information at the same time.

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