And when you get really good w/ Ace’s method, you can ride them crazy markets like GC + CL like circus ponies. Of course, he never responds.” most famous day traders That there tells you the truth about Ace and Mongo. A pair of vacuous drum beaters who don’t trade and can’t teach you to trade either.

So can you make $$ with the Ace Trade techniques? As I mentioned, I had been using most several of his techniques way before I joined his room and they work for me because i do not trade with fear or greed. The rest of his techniques are nothing new they are just his own name for basic trade patterns and I dont use them just because they do not fit my trade plan.


Since I’ve been in the room from October 28th, 2015, there has not been one losing day. Many “older” members (1+ years) report they’ve never had a losing day. Major Moron you remind me why I am so glad there is a new sheriff in Town; Sheriff Emmett. DO NOT join Ace’s method…it’s too simple and logical for you. STAY here in this room where it’s safe.


Yes, trading can provide financial freedom if you use it to generate wealth over the long-term. These are easier methods to make money than trading. As you’ve seen earlier, you can easily take 5 years or more to become consistently profitable. what bear market Having a $1000 account and trying to trade for a living is ridiculous, (unless you can survive with $30 a month). In my opinion, you’d need at least $100,000. Well, you start taking a larger risk because you want to make money fast.


Just my opinion after being in the room and analyzing the YouTubes. I do not believe that you were a member in his room. He calls price direction BEFORE it moves, unless he is reviewing prior days examples for educational purposes.

It is first and last a BUSINESS, one with expenses as well as profit/loss. And it takes great patience to slowly build that account up to size. To date, I have sent Ace over 50 written requests to prove that the trades made in his videos were ever actually executed with his own trading account. Thanks for taking the time to read this review, and don’t forget to leave a message below. Bullseye Traders is an experienced group consisting of full-time traders and analysts of the stock market.

But in fact he shows the blue lines after the fact most times. The lines you see in his trial room are horizontal when his real room are drawn different to show his keys. All I can say about his method is that it is basic charting lines that everybody knows. The trial room is better than the real room because he leaves the chart up all the time. He never enters a trade himself, no DOM, or anything to indicate he trades.

Oh by the way, in one of your many “turdish” reviews you reveal to some lemming that you’re not that intelligent and somewhat uneducated…NO SHIT Sherlock! I believe it, especially after reading MOST of your crappy reviews. Find a new career because you suck at this one.

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Got to be a shill or part of the ace staff. BTW, why would anyone want you in their room?. Keep up the “Doubting Thomas” behavior…it don’t cost me a DIME…only you and your lemming followers. Do you get “proof” that the next Presidential Candidate you select is going to deliver on their “promises”?

Remake Bulls Eyes Youtube

That run saw LLY break back above its 200-day and 50-day moving averages toward a new 52-week high. On the share price front, LLY’s 52-week gain of over 56% puts that stock in the top 7% of all companies on a relative strength basis. Today, one such collection of scientists, along with all the other men and women who work toward the common goal of creating value for this company, has resulted in a new Bullseye Stock Trader recommendation. I am in a journey of learn and earn, learn first, then earn. And learning is an expensive thing, especially at trading.

Related image with remake bulls eyes youtube

One of the lessons I value and learned from you is how to set “Stop Loss” properly and getting out of “analysis paralysis”. Is was one of your videos last year 2016…. bdswiss review Anyway I am still trading what I learned about trading it will open you up to see who you really are as a person trading has out me as a person outside of trading.

How about we all get into a big group hug, say “sorry” for all those nasty things you been barking about Ace and come into the light – we’ll play nice and you’ll get paid as well. SO, today’s update; Called 10+ ES YM), rode GC off the bottom for some tasty nuggets, CL gave us some nice short opps and of course various other markets were cashed in by other members; ZB, 6B etc. etc. All there really is to it, is supply and demand around previous highs and lows, in some cases supported by evidence from volume peaks.

Adios folks – GLAD I started such a controversy – glad to know I’m inside your head. Now that I am, do yourself a favor…think for yourself. Yo Dog, I’m pretty sure this room was founded on what Emmett Moore “thinks” he knows about Ace’s program . I AM making claims of success because I am successful. And guess what, I don’t have to prove anything to you either.

Myself I’ve been a trader for 4 years now and I am just starting barely to become profitable, some of the key for me was to trade a lot lot lot less than I did on the start. I found that being more thoughtful and selective on your trades gives better result than trading a lot (less commissions and mistakes – over trading) . Getting more than 10% from your capital annually is already a remarkable achievement, yet 10% of a modest capital is not enough to live, even 20% could not be enough. My advice as you say, have another part time business, I fortunately have a property I rent, and I am a technology part consultant. AlsoI am doing some training in Spanish for starting traders but for modest fees.

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