Massachusetts sober home owner offered to forgive rent, waive security deposits in exchange for sexual acts, US Attorneys Office lawsuit states

Content Sober House Directory Partnership Referral & Aftercare Supports SOBER HOUSING The State of Massachusetts Sober Houses in Massachusetts Still, there are things you are expected to bring with you–and things that are not allowed in the facility. The adrenaline rush of freedom that can accompany a return to everyday life after addiction treatment can […]

ED-Initiated Buprenorphine Cost-Effective for Opioid Dependence

Содержание Pinnacle Treatment Centers Acquires Stepping Stone in North Carolina Easy Access to Understanding Medicare How Military Medicine Has Influenced Emergency Medicine Medication Assisted Side Effects From Suboxone Use This means the facility would include treatments that address psychological, physical and spiritual needs. Psychological treatments may involve learning about triggers and cravings and developing ways […]

Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Lungs? Alcoholic Lungs FAQ

Contents What is Alcohol Poisoning? Eat light before drinking alcohol How Do You Treat Alcohol-Related Lung Damage? Does Warm Milk Help You Sleep? Opioid Drugs and the Respiratory System A recent study of MDRTB in South Africa reports that of 225 patients diagnosed with MDRTB, only 50 percent were cured or completed treatment. Treatment default […]